PORTLAND, 6:19 p.m.: Interstate 84 east near 33rd Ave.

The right lane of I-84 is blocked just past 33rd Ave. Jammed back to I-5.


PORTLAND, 6:08 p.m.: Interstate 5 north at Lombard

A stall is blocking the middle northbound lane of I-5. Still jammed back to Terwilliger from earlier congestion.


PORTLAND, 5:43 p.m.: Interstate 84 west at 148th Ave.

The middle lane of I-84 west is blocked by a stall. Traffic jammed back past 162nd. Eastbound traffic also looks slow in that area. CLEARED.


PORTLAND, 3:58 p.m.: Interstate 5 south near Highway 99

The middle southbound lane of I-5 is blocked just past the Highway 99 junction. Traffic jammed back to Multnomah. 

UPDATE, 4:52 p.m.: Crash is CLEAR. Still jammed back to Multnomah.


PORTLAND, 3:23 p.m.: Interstate 205 north at Glenn L. Jackson Bridge.

An accident is blocking the left northbound lane of I-205 north. Traffic jammed back to Clackamas from earlier crash/congestion. CLEARED.


A grass fire in the median of I-5 in Wilsonville is slowing traffic in both directions just before the Willamette River crossing.

TriMet warns that the WES Commuter Rail will run slower today due to the excessive heat.  All MAX lines should also be slow today. Joe Rose talked a bit about the reasoning behind it in this post.

ODOT also has scheduled some occasional bridge lifts on the Interstate Bridge for later tonight. Crews will be greasing the cables around 10:30 p.m. that will cause intermittent  20 minute delays until 8 a.m. Saturday.

The MAX Red Line will experience disruptions on Saturday between Gateway and the Portland Airport for track improvements. Shuttle buses will be in place.

The central loop of the Portland Streetcar will also be blocked starting at 7 p.m. tonight at the Broadway Bridge. Crews will be painting the bridge and will cut the electricity that will close the loop for two months.

EDIT: Looks like the entire bridge will be closed to traffic this weekend.

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