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GALESBURG — Marijuana business was good in 2020, according to Nature’s Treatment in Galesburg.

While the marijuana retail store would not divulge its total sales in 2020, they say business was and has been good. Illinois at large sold over $1 billion in legal marijuana in 2020, with the number of items sold by dispensaries increasing nearly every month of that year. Nature’s Treatment said this trend has been true for them too, with sales increasing by the month.

The city of Galesburg taxes marijuana products at 3%, on top of the 2% sales tax already levied on city retailers. They have not said exactly how much revenue they have taken in through the dispensary, as doing so would essentially divulge Nature’s Treatment’s income.

The dispensary says that they see between 100 and 500 people daily in town, with about 60% of shoppers coming from out of town. 

Knox County Area Partnership for Economic Development director Ken Springer said this number is significant, as it represents new money making its way into the community. 

Galesburg’s dispensary has also managed to get started at a time when state activity in approving new marijuana growing licenses and licenses to new dispensaries

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