A bill that would allow licensed companies to manufacture and sell medicinal cannabis oil was passed by the Georgia House of Representatives on Tuesday and is now headed to the state Senate for consideration. Under the bill, HB 324, a regulated system for growing, processing, and distributing cannabis oil would be established. Georgia’s medical marijuana program only permits the use of cannabis oil with no more than 5 percent THC by registered patients with one or more of 16 qualifying serious medical conditions. However, current regulations do not allow for medical marijuana cultivation, processing, or sales and leave patients with no way to legally obtain cannabis oil.

Republican Rep. Micah Gravley, the sponsor of HB 324, said that the measure would benefit Georgian’s with legitimate medical needs.

“These aren’t people who are seeking a recreational high. These aren’t people who are seeking to use illicit drugs,” said Gravley. “These are people who have tried and failed with opioids. These are people who want their children to suffer less seizures.”

If the bill is passed, the state’s registered medical marijuana patients, a total of 8,400 and growing, would be served by 60 cannabis oil dispensaries. Rep. Alan Powell, also a Republican and the chairman of House

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