23 Communities Say No–21 Say Yes to Legal Pot Stores -Shops -Smoking Lounges

The Town of Harrison voted NO at their meeting on Dec. 16 to permitting Marijuna Cafes and Dispensaries in their community. This is good news for many Harrison residents who did not want their children and students walking past a cafe or store that sells marijuana, once the details are figured out by the NY State Office of Cannabis management. Earlier this year, republicans and democrats in Harrison were opposed to legal pot stores, so the vote comes as no surprise, but the Town Board and outgoing Mayor Ron Belmont did wait until the last minute to do so. Local communities have until Dec. 31 to opt out; after that if your town, village or city hasn’t opted out they have in essence Opted-in to permitting marijuana on main street.

Harrison becomes the 23 Westchester community to Opt-Out, with 25 communities either opting in for dispensaries or cafes, or not voting, which means Opt-in.

On Dec. 14, the Greenburgh Town Board split their vote on legal cannabis. The Town Board voted 4-1 to permit cannabis dispensiaries, but No to Cannnabis lounges. Greenburgh Supervisor

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