From fine dining to groundbreaking research in labs across
the nation, marijuana normalization is affecting every part of American
society. And it’s only going to get more interesting in the year to
come. Here are a few things to look for on the new year’s hazy horizon.

One-Stop Medical and Recreational Shops

Anyone with a medical-marijuana card has
longed for company on a particularly mellow Sunday dispensary run, and
talked to friends who are at least a bit curious. Well, with weed
becoming legal to possess in July, dispensary owners across town are
hoping for rules that allow them to sell their products to both types of
clientele, as they do in Colorado. Given how expensive and weak the
recreational buds in Washington have looked, the rest of us should be
crossing our fingers as well. 

A Smoke and Pancake

Medicated food carts can’t be far from the minds of Northwest marijuana entrepreneurs.  Though
all states with legal marijuana forbid onsite consumption, many chefs
in Colorado have toyed with the vague legislation. A “bud and breakfast”
in Denver offers samples of cannabis strains alongside eggs and bacon
in the morning.

Neighbors Go Narc

Boring states are getting jealous of the
cool kids. This month showed the first major lawsuit against marijuana
legalization, when the attorneys general of Nebraska and Oklahoma sued
Colorado for violating federal law. They complain that the incoming flow
of marijuana has burdened their criminal justice system. Idaho is
already on the offensive, stretching its arms down Highway 90 for
marijuana coming out of Washington.

Rippin’ Bowls, Mappin’ Genomes

Hordes of sticky-fingered gardeners
declare their paternity for legendary strains, and hundreds more claim
they’ve got a hook to “the real deal.” Adam Dunn, a prominent grower in
the industry, founded the “O-Genome Project,” in which he’s collected
nearly 100 samples to get to the bottom of OG Kush. A local company
called Phylos Bioscience is collaborating with other research
universities to catch up on understanding marijuana as well as we do
other significant plants. Soon, we can all look forward to our
roommate’s boyfriend shutting up about finding the original Girl Scout
Cookies strain in a gym locker.

Medicinal Developments

Amid the recreational buzz, medical progress hasn’t lost
momentum. There has been remarkable progress in epilepsy treatment, as
some compounds in marijuana work as anti-convulsants. In a study
conducted in the past year by St. George’s University of London, the
combination of marijuana compounds and radiation drastically shrunk
high-grade glioma masses, a deadly form of brain cancer. Wider state
legalization would foster a climate for breakthroughs. Unless Nebraska
stops us.

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