Here are all the scary clown sightings in Oregon
The scary clowns are here.For weeks, police all over the country have been receiving reports of creepy clowns, lurking in places that no clown should lurk.The New York Times has even covered the story.

And on Wednesday, the terrifying phenomenon hit the Beaver State. According to News Channel 21 in Central Oregon, police responded to a call of a “clown sighting” on Wednesday evening at 10:30 p.m. at a Redmond intersection.

“An employee working at Central Oregon Eyecare called dispatch to report she was leaving work when she saw a person wearing a clown mask with teeth, white t-shirt and blue pants,” said Channel 21 in their report. “She became scared and wanted officers to escort her to her vehicle in the parking lot.”

Take a deep breath. It gets worse.Image result for killer klowns from outer space

Since then the terrifying clown epidemic has only grown. Shortly after we wrote about the clown attack in Redmond, a woman called and described a clown in a silver mask trying to break into her car in downtown Portland. While she was shaken, the police dismissed the case saying, “In Portland,where Darth Vader rides a unicycle and has a fire-breathing set of bagpipes, clown sightings might just be an average Tuesday.”

Are these clowns part of an organized effort ora rash of copycats egged on by mass hysteria and Halloween? Are these clowns even real?

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