While some of the most odious legislative bills introduced at the Arizona Legislature this year aimed at the new recreational cannabis industry have been pulled or failed, another that would continue to stigmatize legitimate cannabis businesses is House Bill 2809.

The legislation would limit advertising and would not allow your local dispensary to publicly sponsor community events.

Although the bill looks like it will not get the three-quarters support it needs to pass in the Senate, HB2809 is representative of the kitchen sink of bad legislation being thrown at Prop 207, which was supported by 60% of Arizona voters.

Should the bill become law, cannabis dispensaries that contribute to local causes would be hamstrung in their public efforts to give back to the community.

Given the economic ravages coronavirus has thrust upon local nonprofit agencies, particularly performance venues that have not been able to hold events in more than a year, such legislation would block dispensaries from providing needed support.

There are some positive aspects of HB2809, such as labeling product, posting signage warning pregnant women that they may endanger their unborn child or risk being reported to the

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