A New York City high school principal is under fire after reportedly allowing pot smoking in the building to go on unabated. In a New York Post article on Sunday, teachers said that Ben Sherman, the principal of Forest Hills High School in Queens, has been ineffective in preventing students from smoking marijuana in school bathrooms and even hallways. An unidentified teacher reported once having to move students to the auditorium when the classroom filled with the odor of burning marijuana.

“The smell was so bad you could taste it on your tongue,” the teacher said, noting that there was no instruction that class period but “at least we weren’t breathing it in.”

Teachers said that when they complained to Sherman about marijuana smoking in the school, he failed to take action.

“Marijuana is going to be legal soon, so what can we do?” Sherman reportedly said.

One teacher said that the problem at Forest Hills is the worse they’ve seen.

“Never in my 15 years of teaching have I been bombarded with the strong scent of pot in the school hallways — and even in my classroom,” the teacher said.

Adam Bergstein, an English teacher and the United Federation of

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