Never mind the awkward performances. It’s the message that matters.

And the message is: Portland is just so quirky and unique that we must trumpet it to the world — while playfully mocking it.

The latest in the “Portlandia”-inspired YouTube video genre is called “Stop Telling People About Portland,” an amusing, 5-minute call to arms directed by Adam H. Mack and starring a clutch of actors who are game but perhaps in need of a little more seasoning.

The video is a reverse tourist-board advertisement, encouraging Portlanders to showcase their worst instincts to keep more outsiders from moving here.

“They’re coming from all over the country, from formerly cool cities like Los Angeles, Williamsburg and Austin,” intones narrator Todd Van Voris in his impressive baritone.

Williamsburg is a city?

Never mind that as well. Again, focus on the message. Which is: Beautiful, weird, precious Portland. Or, as our narrator puts it:

“The Rose City. A modern-day Cairo nestled at the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette rivers … famous for its world-class local beer, food and coffee… (its) exciting art scene … and best of all, weather that’s the envy of the nation. Portland’s got it all.”

Portland does have it all, of course. It might even be the world’s capital of funny, navel-gazing viral videos.

— Douglas Perry

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