An effort at the Colorado statehouse to curb young people’s access to highly potent marijuana is expected to get a final vote later this week. The measure has overwhelming support from lawmakers in both parties, but took months of negotiations between the marijuana industry and advocates for stricter marijuana laws. 

The bill is not as sweeping as some advocates for tougher laws around marijuana concentrates would have liked. While the measure would create more stringent laws around teenage medical marijuana use, it does not set potency caps on the strength of marijuana concentrates or make any changes to the recreational use of marijuana.

What to know if you’re an adult medical marijuana user:

House bill 1317 would limit how much medical marijuana adult users can purchase per day to no more than 8 grams. Currently the limit is 40 grams.

A statewide seed-to-sale tracking system for medical marijuana would also monitor patient data to ensure people don’t purchase more than the daily legal limit. The tracking system which has patient information, would issue an error message if the daily limit was exceeded.

The bill has several exemptions to the daily purchase limit: a physician’s authorization, a significant physical or geographic

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