CANNABIS CULTURE – Despite barriers to advancing medical legislation in Texas, there are over 30 organizations dedicated to justice surrounding cannabis laws and regulations. 

One is an advocacy group based in the Dallas area, called Safe Access Texas. The chapter’s Director, Nico Murillo indicates the struggle is “not just about cannabis. It’s about people that are trying to live and have a good quality of life.”

This statement is echoed by another activist in the Dallas area, Amanda Hughes. Her organization, Higher Education Texas provides resources for patients who want to learn more about medical cannabis. When asked about medical cannabis initiatives, Hughes responds, “in Texas there’s a weak program.”

Medical cannabis is not covered by insurance in Texas, a huge disadvantage to those with debilitating conditions, especially the terminally ill. This, Murillo says, “locks lower income people out of programs” that would otherwise provide just bare minimum. 

Though many struggle financially, patients would rather spring for medicine, than do without. “Take some taxes out if that’s how it has to be for me to be able to access this,” says Jordan (named changed to protect confidentiality), a 30-year-old in Dallas. 

Like many who find relief in cannabis, Jordan struggles

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