Democratic state Rep. Carol Ammons of Illinois has introduced a bill in the legislature that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana and create a regulated cannabis economy. The measure, House Bill 902, was filed in the House of Representatives on January 25.

If passed, the bill would create a system to license and regulate businesses to cultivate and sell cannabis. Adults would be permitted to cultivate up to 24 plants at home and possess the marijuana and cannabis products produced by the grow. Away from home, adults could legally possess up to 224 grams (about half a pound) of cannabis. HB 902 would also allow for cannabis lounges that permit the public consumption of marijuana.

Ammons’ bill would require 10 percent of the net income of cannabis businesses to go to the local governing authority and a state excise tax of 10 percent would be assessed on the cannabis sold by cultivators to processors or retailers. Revenue from the state tax would be divided among various programs, with 30 percent going to a state school fund; 50 percent to the general fund; 7.5 percent to government employee retirement programs; and 2.5 percent to the Illinois State Police to hire and train

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