Heidi and Dave Curtis think medical cannabis could have saved their 6-year-old daughter Charly’s life. Now, they’re determined to make sure Indiana lawmakers hear Charly’s story and understand the life-or-death importance of safe, legal access to medical cannabis treatments.

Indiana Parents Risk Everything To Provide Daughter With Medical Cannabis

Indiana is among the minority of U.S. states without any form of legal cannabis, which means parents have to risk everything to provide their children with needed medicine. Indeed, Heidi and Dave Curtis did risk everything to treat their daughter Charly, who had epilepsy and autism, with THC. They risked jail time. They risked losing custody of Charly to Child Protective Services, which would have viewed their desperate action as neglect. But for the Curtis family, “all those risks were worth it if we could help her,” Heidi said.

And Charly’s parents were absolutely sure that medical cannabis, specifically THC oil, was helping their daughter. Diagnosed with autism and a severe form of childhood epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, Charly was prone to severe, long-lasting seizures. But because Lennox-Gastaut is a type of epilepsy that causes different types of seizures, traditional anti-seizure medications weren’t working.

So Heidi and Dave looked into the

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