1. Play keep away

The less time Oregon’s explosive offense — which ranks eighth nationally at 42.4 points per game — is on the field, the better, coach Gary Andersen said.

“You want to do everything you can in this game to keep the ball out of Oregon’s hands as much as possible,” Andersen said. “Those are some tactics we are going to have to use in this game. A lot of people have, and it’s been a little bit effective. Stanford did all they could to keep time off the clock and it worked out — not quite well enough, but pretty dang well for them.”

Redshirt freshman Ryan Nall, who returned from a concussion last week, is the type of running back that can grind out carries. But can the Beavers’ offensive line get enough push against the Ducks’ front? Oregon ranks sixth in the Pac-12 in rushing defense at 174.73 yards allowed per game, which is close to the Beavers’ average of 172.73 yards per game.

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