After his two legendary escapes from prison, many doubted that Mexican kingpin El Chapo would ever come to justice for the crimes committed by his vast drug empire. But today, jury members at a federal district court in Brooklyn found Joaquín Guzmán Loera guilty on all 10 counts, leaving the cartel boss facing a life sentence.  

El Chapo’s tribunal has been one of the more dramatic court hearings in recent history. During the course of three months, witnesses described him fleeing naked from Mexican marines, smuggling 200 tons of cocaine into the United States, and bribing then-president of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto with $100 million to slow attempts to capture him. Court documents suggested that El Chapo also drugged and raped adolescent girls. It is estimated that he took in over $14 billion throughout the years from his criminal activities.

At times, court proceedings took a dramatic turn best likened to one of Mexico’s world-famous telenovelas. One of Guzmán’s several girlfriends, Lucero Guadalupe Sánchez López, testified against him, detailing the way she helped him run the cartel’s drug business. Despite compromising text messages between the two that were entered into court record, the New York Times reported that Guzmán

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