On Tuesday, a Republican U.S. legislator from Florida proposed another bill that looks to protect military veterans who use medical marijuana. Rep. Greg Steube’s proposal would sign into law existing VA policy that ensures vets can’t lose benefits over cannabis use — and go a step further by ensuring that future administrations could not penalize them either.

“It’s important that we respect states’ rights as outlined in the 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution,” Steube was quoted in his office’s press release. The congressperson served in the Iraq War and is on the House’s veteran affairs committee.

“While it is the current policy of the VA to not deny benefits to veterans based on participation in these state-based medical marijuana programs, this bill will ensure that no future policy or administration change could put these veterans at risk of losing their benefits when they are in compliance with state law.”

A 2017 survey showed that one in five military veterans use marijuana for a medical condition. Many of the health conditions suffered by veterans are the ones most associated with medical cannabis treatment, from chronic pain to PTSD. Many see widening vets’ access to the drug as one strategy

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