CANNABIS CULTURE – Every time I sell a grinder my customer asks me the same thing, “How do I make it not stick?”

The answer used to be metal tools and isopropyl alcohol.

Now the answer is Lid Lube.

Lid Lube is 100% pure and natural, the way it should be. A quick look over the bottle was all I needed, the packaging is straight to the point. It is a simple 10ml bottle labeled as pure hemp oil lubricant, THC free, of course.

Using Lid Lube is also straight-forward. I applied four small drops (two drops for smaller grinders) along the outside rim of the grinder, and began to spin. 

When I first received Lid Lube I wasn’t sure if it would be able to hold up to the decade-old, B.C. Bud grinding pieces we have here in the head shop, but I was quickly corrected and happily surprised. One complete turn of the grinder cut the built-up residue in half, a couple more spins, and the sticky gunk clogging up my bud grinder was gone.

With such outstanding results, I was eager to apply it to other grinders in the store and my

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