There’s plenty of marijuana news to check out this morning, including this Politico piece on the rising pressure facing the Obama administration to take a stand on cannabis policy and a new poll showing 50 percent of Michigan voters support marijuana legalization.

From the Politico story:

The issue is emerging as a major test for attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch, who will have to decide whether to embrace the hands-off approach to marijuana in the states that the Justice Department has adopted under Eric Holder — or take more decisive action to regulate it.

Experts and advocates floated a range of options if Congress or DOJ were to act, some more far-reaching or politically feasible than others. Anti-legalization advocates want an about-face from the administration: Enforce the existing federal marijuana ban and crack down on legalization regimes in Colorado and elsewhere. That’s a pipe dream for the current White House but not inconceivable if a Republican is elected president in 2016.

In Colorado, Ricardo Baca, editor of the Denver Post’s marijuana site, The Cannabist, has two stories worth a look this morning. He reports that sales of medical marijuana in Colorado are on the decline, while recreational cannabis sales are still going strong. Sales of medical cannabis in November dropped nearly 17 percent from the previous month, he reports.

Baca writes:

The medical market has been, for the most part, steady — with these new November sales statistics showing medical pot’s lowest numbers of 2014.

But we also learned that pot, like Colorado tourism, also has its high and low seasons. The biggest month for recreational marijuana in Colorado: Dead-of-summer August, when the state sold $34.1 million of green. Industry experts expect recreational marijuana sales to pick up significantly as the ski resorts get their bases, and tourism, built up in January and February.

But the sales are only part of the story. From Jan. 1-Nov. 30, Colorado brought in more than $67.5 million in taxes, licenses and fees via recreational and medical cannabis.

And one more morning read from Baca: cannabis-infused sex lube for women is headed to Colorado’s retail marijuana market later this month. The owner of the company that produces the product, which is already sold in California medical marijuana dispensaries, plans to take it to the Washington market next. (Want to know more about the product? Check out Baca’s story.)

And in case you missed it, Benton Mackenzie, the Iowa man and Oregon medical marijuana patient who was well-known in his home state for his marijuana-related arrest and prosecution last year, died Monday.

— Noelle Crombie

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