As its neighbors to the north, in Michigan, celebrate the passage of Proposal 1, Indiana is reeling from news of a massive drug raid that has resulted in the arrest of 120 people. Despite the legalization of medical cannabis in Illinois and Ohio and Tuesday’s legalization of adult use in Michigan, Indiana has taken few strides toward changing its marijuana laws. However, prohibition doesn’t seem to be working as an effective drug reduction strategy. Indiana has one of the worst drug problems of any U.S. state, ranking 14th in the nation, in 2017, for substance abuse. The drug raid police announced Thursday largely involved an illegal methamphetamine trafficking ring. Of the 191 charges police are bringing against 120 people, only three are marijuana-related.

Police Break Up Indiana Meth Ring in Sweeping Raid

Johnson County Indiana’s prosecutor and law enforcement officials announced the results of a massive drug raid conducted Thursday. The raid involved cooperation between federal forces, Indiana State Police and several local police departments. Altogether, police had warrants for 120 people, whose names and faces they released to the media. Around midday, police had arrested about half of the suspects. Arrests are ongoing through the afternoon and evening. So

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