Many people across the state are looking to get their hands on licenses to sell recreational marijuana to those over the age of 21 after legislators legalized adult-use sales. “This legislation opens up a lot of opportunity in the cannabis space. I think more than anything, that’s what New Mexico needs,” Trishelle Kirk, the Chief Operating Officer at Everest Apothecary, said. Everest Apothecary is a locally owned and operated medical dispensary that has seven locations across the state. Kirk is forecasting lots of growth for the company she works for, and many other micro-businesses. “Micro-businesses are for smaller entrepreneurs trying to get into the cannabis space,” Kirk said. “We will be applying for licenses at the same time “Producers, manufacturers, retailers and anyone who wants to research it could pay up to $7,500 for a license. Micro-businesses are expected to pay $1,000 to $2,500. Getting the license is the first step, then comes the hiring spree. “Our goal is to hire local. We’re looking forward to the expansion. That means a lot of new jobs at Everest and that’s something we’re really excited about,” Kirk said. In the first year of recreational marijuana sales, economists forecast 11,000 new jobs

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