Details By Meskwaki Organix April 13, 2021

Before even trying products found at Meskwaki OrganiX, you may experience a sense of inner peace as  you step inside the door. Owned by the Meskwaki Tribe, the new CBD dispensary conveniently located  on the Meskwaki Settlement in Iowa, is a bright and inviting space built for a singular purpose, to enhance the spiritual and physical well-being of the community. They understand what many Native  American tribes have known for centuries, organic remedies created from nature can help a body find  its natural center. 

The Meskwaki people, a tribe of Algonquian origin from the Eastern Woodland Culture areas, were  historically located in the St. Lawrence River Valley, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Like so many  others, they were continually forced to make land concessions. By 1856, they formally lost all lands and  were removed to a reservation in Kansas. 

After banishment, the Meskwaki longed to reclaim their Iowa woodland homeland. In fact, many never  left. By making friends and trading with nearby settlers, the tribe generated enough income to purchase  back their own land. Today, their ancestors’ vision for sovereignty, heightened by

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