Regulators for Michigan’s medical marijuana program are considering a reduction in fees to register for the program, according to media reports. The proposal from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) would reduce the patient fee for a two-year medical marijuana identification card from $60 to $40. Other fees would be eliminated completely, including $10 fees for replacement cards or a change of address and a $25 charge for criminal background checks for caregivers.

In a filing with the state Office of Regulatory Reinvention, LARA said that the fees now being charged were more than enough to cover the costs of administering the program.

“The revenue generated based on the current application fee for the past three years is approximately 90-100% more than (the department’s) operational expenses,” LARA wrote.

If the proposed lower fees are approved, it would be the second reduction in patient costs for the program. When Michigan’s medical marijuana program began after legalization by voters in 2008, the annual fee to register for an identification card was $100. In 2014, the cost was lowered to $60 every two years.

Director Orlene Hawks of LARA said in a statement that the department had been working to make

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