Published time: July 15, 2015 03:46

Portland, Oregon (Reuters / Steve Dipaola)

Portland, Oregon (Reuters / Steve Dipaola)

Flying the skies above Oregon with marijuana in your pocket has never been easier thanks to a new policy implemented by Portland International Airport. Just don’t try to leave the state while packing weed.

Under the new rules, the airport will allow those flying within
the state to bring the legally allowed quantity of pot through
security and onboard their flights. Under Oregon’s new marijuana
laws, which legalized recreational use of the drug earlier this
month, people can travel with marijuana as long as they don’t
take it beyond state lines – even if to another state where the
drug is legal.

“For those flying to other cities in the state of Oregon,
traveling with marijuana is allowable as long as that passenger
meets all the other legal requirements of the state law,”

said Steve Johnson of the Port of Portland, which owns and runs
the airport, to the Huffington Post.

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Oregon law permits residents and visitors to possess up to half a
pound of marijuana at home – but only one ounce in public. If
Transportation Security Administration screeners find the drug on
a traveler, airport police will check to ensure the amount
doesn’t exceed the legal limit. They will also make sure
individuals are not leaving the state.

Once those points are verified, travelers will be free to go. If
an individual is leaving the state, they will be told to dump the
marijuana before proceeding. If the amount of pot surpasses the
legal limit, however, individuals could be subject to fines or
other penalties.

“TSA officers do not search for marijuana or other drugs;
however, if an item is found that may violate federal law during
security screening, TSA will refer the matter to law
reads the TSA brochure outlining banned items. “Whether or not
marijuana is considered medical marijuana federal law provides no
basis to treat medical marijuana differently than non-medical

Marijuana is still banned at some airports in states where
recreational pot is now legal. Denver International does not
allow the drug, while Seattle-Tacoma International does as long
as it’s within legal limits. It is yet undecided if Alaska
airports will permit it.

One local Oregon resident, Verena Douglas, told KPTV News that if marijuana can be brought
onboard flights, then other products should be allowed as well.

“I’m not anti-marijuana but I’m pro-hairspray. I would really
like to have some hairspray or some shampoo,”
she said.
“What’s shampoo going to do to somebody? Why can’t I take my
shampoo on a plane? I think it’s a little lopsided. Silly, it’s
actually silly.”

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