Police in Missouri searched the hospital room of a cancer patient Thursday night, looking for the medicinal cannabis being used by the terminally ill man. The search of the hospital room by Bolivar, Missouri police officers was captured on video by the patient, Nolan Sousley, who has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Sousley later posted the video to YouTube and shared it with a group of supporters on his Nolan’s Tribe of Warriors Against Cancer page on Facebook.

In the video, a police officer can be seen searching through bags in the room at Citizens Memorial Hospital while other officers and a hospital security guard watch. As Sousley narrates the video in real time, he mentions that the police had said he was going to be arrested.

“If we find marijuana we will give you a citation. We’re not taking you down to the county jail,” one of the officers says. “But we haven’t found marijuana so we’re not citing.”

Doctor Stands Up for Patient

At one point, Sousley’s physician comes into the room and challenges the actions of the law enforcement officers, asking them if they have probable cause for a search.

“Do you have the right to search his stuff? Or

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