Aldermen in the City of Monmouth this week approved a pair of ordinances on first reading that allows for adult-use recreational cannabis dispensaries to set up shop in town.

On Monday, the present city council members voted to approve both the zoning code for dispensaries in town as well as the city code to impose a three percent tax on sales at said retailers.

City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher tells WGIL that the ordinances also establish limitations for where these dispensaries can be located. Those limitations restrict dispensaries to B-2 and B-3 business districts and M-1 and M-2 manufacturing districts.

“They would also further be restricted by either being north of Clinton Avenue or south of Third Avenue. Which, in essence, prevents any such stores from being located in the central business district or the downtown.”

The stores would also be restricted from being established within 500 feet of a school or residential care home.

Steinbrecher adds that the city projects the three percent sales tax on recreational pot would lead to around $135,000 in tax revenue.

The council has been approached recently by an LLC set to receive one of the coveted dispensary licenses about establishing ordinances allowing for

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