It’d be easy to argue that the last thing Toronto needs right now is another “weed” dispensary.

There’s a new one in the works, though, but, don’t worry, this one will be different. For starters, it doesn’t sell cannabis — only catnip.

Toronto’s first catnip dispensary is the brainchild of Mikey Fivebucks (née White), a Toronto entrepreneur who, if he raises enough money on his Kickstarter campaign, might just revolutionize the way your cat gets high.

Instead of just getting buzzed on generic dime-store catnip, Fivebucks offers six different strains that offer different types of highs, from mellow to hyper. There are more than 250 different strains of catnip in the world, and he’s grown and experimented with 27.

“I just took a look at what was happening with the advancements in cannabis and I noticed, looking at catnip, that it was dehydrated and ground up,” says Fivebucks. “And I just thought, ‘You would never do this with cannabis,’ so I started testing out ways of curing it and letting it hang-dry for four to five weeks and then bringing it back to life in glass jars. So, there’s a lot of time involved in it, but it really shows.”

Unlike standard catnip, which looks

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