Elon Musk still can’t catch a break. After several highly publicized weed smoking and weed-related incidents over the summer, the world-famous entrepreneur and founder of SpaceX, Tesla, and other massive companies has faced troubles left and right. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission sanctioned him. Twitter no-platformed him, pop stars even dragged him on Instagram. At least Musk could say that SpaceX was doing well. The company launched its Falcon Heavy for the first time, during a record-setting year for launches. NASA approved another space-worthy SpaceX rocket while the FCC approved the launch of thousands more of SpaceX’s communications satellites. But after seeing a video of Musk smoking weed, NASA brass say they’ll take their turn making Musk pay for his pot proclivities.

NASA Promises “Pretty Invasive” Assessment of SpaceX’s Safety and Security Culture

NASA routinely schedules safety reviews of the companies it contracts to build the vessels that carry U.S. astronauts into space. The assessments are very rigorous, taking months to complete. And beginning next year, SpaceX and Boeing will undergo the government’s careful scrutiny of anything and everything that could impact crew safety.

But the reason SpaceX is in the hot seat after such a strong year with

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