In 2018, a Californian made a legal cannabis purchase every 8 seconds. Together, Californians spent around $2.5 billion on legal weed. And even though that spending was down half a billion dollars from 2017, when retailers could only legally sell to medical cardholders, it brought with it a number of important changes to the industry’s consumer demographics. Those changes will undeniably shape the future of the industry. So what are they?

The Golden State of Cannabis, 2018 Edition

California is the fifth largest economy in the world. And even with Canada’s full legalization last October, California is still the largest cannabis market in the world. The trends emerging there are bellwethers of what to expect globally, and marketing and research firms are thusly keeping a close watch.

Gathering sales statistics from a database of 450,000 California cannabis consumers and usage data from almost 4,000 survey respondents, the cannabis delivery platform Eaze has a new report revealing just how transformative 2018 was for the legal industry.

Eaze’s Report on 2018 Consumer Trends in Cannabis: Major Takeaways

Below, we’ll dive into some of the nitty gritty of Eaze’s exciting new analysis of the emerging consumer trends in the legal marijuana industry. But

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