New data from an online retailer suggests that most cannabis users in the United States are consuming their herb at night. Using information from more than 100,000 Twitter posts from the last month including time of day and geotagging data, online head shop DankGeek determined that most states are lighting up in the evening hours.

Dave S., the owner and operator of DankGeek, told High Times that the project began as a way to create a blog post that would bring traffic to the website and boost their ranking in search engine results. Working with a firm that uses social media posts to identify trends and create relevant internet content, DankGeek learned from tweets about using marijuana that more than 80 percent of states were waiting until after the traditional 4:20 p.m. smoking time to light up. Only two states, Tennessee and Minnesota, were using cannabis promptly at 4:20, and just seven were sparking up earlier than that. Nevada jumped the gun by only 10 minutes, with tweets about using pot trending at 4:10.

The data indicated that the rest of the 41 states were most comfortable taking their hits later in the afternoon or even late at night. Tweets from Arizonans and Texans indicated that

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