METROPOLIS, IL — A new marijuana dispensary is expected to open in Metropolis, Illinois, next month.

This will become the service area of Thrive’s Metropolis marijuana dispensary. 

Thrive Dispensary will open its fourth store at the old Chevrolet dealership on 1551 East 5th St.

Thrive Dispensary Director of Security Greg Lambert is excited. He said this “super store” is just what Metropolis needs.

“It brings jobs, tax dollars, police departments benefit from it your local government benefits tremendously from those tax dollars,” said Lambert.

Lambert and his team are excited, but others are unsure of the new business because of youth in the area. Massac County Drug Awareness Coalition Program Director Holly Windhorst said the group understands recreational marijuana is legal for adults, and this business can boost the local economy. Still, the coalition doesn’t want those products in the hands of those younger than 21.

“We would encourage adults who are using to keep it locked up and away from kids,” said Windhorst.

The Massac County Drug Awareness Coalition is in Metropolis, Illinois. 

The coalition’s mission is to reduce

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