ONTARIO, Oregon (KBOI) – Right now it’s legal to have medical marijuana in Ontario. But in a few weeks, recreational marijuana will also be allowed.

On July 1, residents in Oregon will be able to smoke up under certain rules. Smoking Marijuana at home in private will be allowed. Although residents won’t be able to smoke marijuana openly in the street or in a bar, they can possess up to eight ounces of weed.

Oregon residents will be able to grow up to four plants in their home. They can share their pot with others but no one can sell marijuana right now.

“I think most of us here in this area expect once dispensary’s are legal, we’re going to have an influx of people from mainly Idaho coming here to buy the pot,” said Norm Crume, Ontario city council president.

One Ontario business owner that’s excited about the new law is already seeing new customers.

“I sell products for indoor/outdoor gardening. Most of my customers are medical marijuana growers,” said Zachary Moore, Green Thumb Garden supply owner.

Moore has no plans to sell marijuana, but sells everything needed to grow it. Businesses that do plan to sell recreational pot won’t be ready for business until the fall of 2016.

Council member Crume says more than 60 percent of residents voted the marijuana bill down. He says there is nothing they can do about it. He says even though pot will be legal, the city could stop the sale of marijuana in Ontario with a petition.

“I don’t think that would be right because the people voted for this and I don’t see where the city gets to make the decision of the people, the people have decided this is what they want and this is what they get,” Moore said.

Meanwhile ISP says they will not change its tactics in dealing with marijuana. They also remind Idaho residents driving while under the influence of marijuana could land you a DUI.

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