Now that the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (the MRTA) is (just about) law, the most frequent question (really, the only) we get at the Canna Law Blog is: what do I need to do to get a license? The answer is in the hands of the Cannabis Control Board (the CCB), a newly established governing body that will oversee the equally new Office of Cannabis Management (the OCM). Since the CCB will be responsible for implementing and regulating New York’s cannabis industry, our series on the specific components of the MRTA begins with a deep dive into the CCB and its powers and responsibilities.

What is the CCB?

The CCB is the government body tasked with creating and regulating New York’s cannabis industry. The CCB will consist of 5 board members, 3 appointed by the Governor and 2 appointed by the Senate and Assembly (1 each). The chairman of the CCB will be nominated by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. CCB members will be appointed for a term of three years and must be citizens and residents of New York.

A key point: the composition of the CCB will be geographically and demographically representative

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