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Approximately half the towns in Ontario County voted to “opt out” of the new marijuana dispensary and consumption site laws, mostly to give themselves time to study the situation, and perhaps put zoning laws into place which would regulate where the marijuana dispensaries are located, hours of operation, number of businesses of that type, type of building, which zoning district they would be allowed in, etc.  As of 2022, consumption of marijuana in New York is legal, but towns had to vote on whether they wanted to immediately allow dispensaries and consumptions sites in their towns as of Jan. 1, or if they wanted to wait until plans and regulations could be put into place.  Since marijuana use has been illegal is New York prior to 2022, towns have regulations only for previously legal businesses, but marijuana dispensaries and consumption sites are not addressed in current municipality zoning laws.

If a town opts out, they can opt back in at any time, and for most, if they opt in later, it will be once zoning regulations have been put into place specifically addressing and regulating marijuana

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