Fourth-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes and Second-ranked University of Oregon Ducks play for the Championship in the College Football Playoff, January 12 in Arlington Texas.

And this match up started some fan-rivalry on Facebook. Matt Squib and Mark Rabbitt started a Facebook post, requesting the Mayor of Oregon change the name of the city by the bay for just a day, to show their allegiance to the Bucks. The request has gone viral on the internet and picked up on major news and sports networks.

Here are some suggestions instead of City of Oregon, Buck Town, Brutusville, Buckeyeville or anything with Ohio State in the name. Kelly Odneal is a Buckeye fan and lives in Oregon and she support the change.

“Come on, we are talking about one day. Get people involved and get them fired up for the game.”

But there are many that don’t feel intimidated by the Oregon Ducks and are proud to be Oregon Bucks!

“Everybody knows who the buckeyes are and we don’t need to change the name of our town,” says Jeff Wilkerson, Buckeye fan and Oregon native.

Patti Penhorwood says, “Ohio State Town, really? No we need to leave it at Oregon.”

Even the mayor is a little feisty about this name change and loyal to his home team. He did a little bit of homework and found out The city at work I’m got its name in 1838. The state of Oregon got its name in 1859. He says they had the name first and they are not changing it.

“To change the name of Oregon just seemed wrong for us,” says Mayor Mike Seferian. He says the origin of both names come from the Oregon territory out west even before Oregon was a state.

“It was an association back in the 1800s The people here were trying to get a business transaction going with the Oregon territory as well as the state of Oregon and it’s pronounced the same Their accent might be different out there but the name came from the same spot.”

So, the city’s official name is City of Oregon and it has two slogans. City by the Bay and City of Opportunity. The mayor says he doesn’t plan on changing the name for a day, but he will change one of the slogans and make a proclamation to support Ohio State University.

” We will declare the week of January 5th -12th, Ohio State Buckeye week in the City of Oregon

Some die-hard Buckeye fans say the scoreboard on January 12 is what really matters.

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