The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (the OLCC) adopted new hemp rules on December 28, 2021. Today, I’ll cover the rules on adult use items and the new THC limits. Next week, I’ll cover the rules on CBN and other non-intoxicating artificially dervied cannabinoids.

Part one of this series, which covered license ownership and transfer privilege issues, can be found here.

Oregon’s New Hemp Rules

The OLCC adopted significant changes impacting hemp products sold in the state. The changes were not unexpected, but the new regulations do include revisions from the version that went into effect in July 2021 (through the temporary rulemaking process). Two of the most noteworthy changes include:

the prohibition on the sale and distribution of “adult use cannabis items” to minors as well as restrictions on the ability to sell these products outside the recreational market; and stringent requirements imposed on “artificially derived cannabinoids,” including the popular and lucrative cannabinoid: cannabinol (CBN).

Under the new rules, “Adult Use Cannabis Item” means, in part, “[a]n industrial hemp commodity or product that:

Contains 0.5 milligrams or more of any combination of: (a) total delta-9-THC; (b) any other THCs or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, including delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol; or (c)

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