A ballot measure making recreational marijuana legal in Oregon starts going into effect July 1, when people can grow and possess marijuana for their own use.

“Thanks to Oregon voters, we have made history and become national leaders in drug reform”, said Anthony Johnson, chief petitioner of the Yes on 91 campaign to legalize marijuana. Adults are allowed to have eight ounces of pot in their homes, one ounce on themselves and can grow up to four plants.

There are a lot of details that need to be addressed, and the state has to get them right.

A pot giveaway hosted by Portland Norml gave people 21 and older marijuana, which became legal at midnight. But retail sales are months or more than a year away.

Oregon residents waking up Wednesday morning can now legally smoke marijuana. The largest of the bills contains the full package of regulations for growers and sellers, criminal law changes, and business licensing guidelines that the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) will use to establish the state’s retail marijuana system.

Driving while high remains illegal and pot can not be transported out of the state – even to neighboring Washington, where retail cannabis sales started a year ago, the commission said. However, lighting up in public is still unlawful, and police said they expected many to hit the streets once the clock struck midnight. Usually the term “sales tax” is avoided at all costs in Oregon because it’s politically undesirable, but apparently not when it comes to marijuana, at least according to Oregon politicians. But the process of starting up Oregon’s legal marijuana industry has been slow.

The entrepreneurs also share tips on how to produce happy and healthy marijuana plants. Most important, though, is that under the new law it’s still illegal to sell recreational marijuana.

Gifts, however, are legal, and there was plenty of gift-giving in Portland early Wednesday along the Burnside Bridge. “I think with the letter of the law, if you can see marijuana from a place that the public has access to with the unaided eye, then that would be technically crossing the line”, Dalotto said. As of this writing, 23 states have legalized the drug for medical usage. Marijuana may not be provided, sold, dispensed, or otherwise transferred to members of the public by a dispensary on dispensary property. The growers were organized at the Legislature, lobbyist and all, and lawmakers are working on a bill to put off much of the hemp farming.

Marijuana is now legal in Oregon

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