The armed militants occupying Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge are receiving an “abundance of hate mail,” and not all of it is work friendly.

From sex toys to a bag of penis-shaped objects, the occupants are receiving a “mind-blowing” amount of hate mail, according to Jon Ritzheimer, who is occupying the refuge.

Ritzheimer, who has organized anti-Islam protests in the past, posted a video on Facebook Monday showing a pile of “hate mail.” As of Wednesday, the video had over 200,000 views.

In the video, Ritzheimer pushes the mail off the table and says the group won’t be dissuaded from their mission.

“We aren’t going to be deterred,” he said. “We won’t let your junk and hate mail sidetrack us.”

He then calls on supporters to join the occupation.

“For you patriots still twiddling your thumbs, debating whether you should come out, now is the time,” he said. “Come here and be a patriot.”

The packages apparently started coming in after the militia group posted their address on Facebook and asked for supporters to send supplies.

Cue the Reddit response. Instead of snacks, some Reddit users posted that they were sending glitter bombs, among other outlandish items.

On Jan. 2, the armed group seized the headquarters of the refuge in southeastern Oregon and set up camp. The protests began peacefully, in support of two local ranchers sent to prison for setting fires on federal land, but have continued for well over a week.

The Harney County Sheriff David Ward has repeatedly asked the group to abide by the wishes of residents and leave the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, AP reported.

The armed group plans to announce their departure plans with local officials on Friday and outline a departure plan.

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