Vendors openly sell marijuana plants and by-products during the ‘Weed the People’ event to celebrate the legalisation of recreational use of marijuana in Portland, Oregon, on July 3, 2015.

Recreational marijuana is used for getting high, but in Oregon, it can now get as high as the sky, literally.

Following the passage of a bill allowing retail marijuana sales, passengers travelling on flights within Oregon can now carry with them a small amount of pot, as long as it will not exceed the one-ounce limit set by the state legislature.

The Oregon state’s recreational marijuana law went into effect last July 1, an event widely celebrated by hundreds of locals in Portland with an event called the “Weed the People” rally.

There are, however, still some procedures to be followed.

Although passengers with the allowable amount of pot flying through Oregon’s biggest airport, the Portland International Airport, will no longer be hauled away by security officials, they still will have to undergo inspection.

Security officials will have to alert airport police if they detect pot. The airport police will then have to check if the passenger found carrying recreational marijuana is of legal age, which is 21 years old, and that he or she is only travelling within the state.

If the passenger is not of legal age, or is flying to a destination outside Oregon, he or she will be required to surrender the recreational marijuana in his or her possession, lest the passenger commit a federal offence.

To promote awareness about the new regulations in relation to carrying pot, new signs containing this message have been posted in the Portland International Airport: “Please be advised recreational marijuana is not permitted on flights traveling outside of Oregon.”

Passengers are also not allowed to carry pot even to neighbouring states where marijuana has been legalised, like Washington.

“Traveling across state lines is still a federal crime. However, if someone is flying within the state to another destination in the state, traveling with recreational marijuana is allowable if they meet all the legal requirements,” Steve Johnson from the Port of Portland explained.

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