A Pennsylvania lawyer and cannabis enthusiast dressed in a pot leaf suit came to the rescue on Wednesday, helping to push a stuck neighbor’s car up a snowy hill. Criminal defense attorney Cary McClain was outside his Gladwyne, Pennsylvania home after a snowstorm so his son could shoot some video of him wearing his new suit in the snow for his social media accounts. That’s when he noticed a nearby white Mini Cooper, stuck in the snow and spinning its tires as it struggled to get up a hill. McClain went to see if he could help and his son kept the camera rolling as the attorney approached the car.

“All I could see around me was white snow, and then all of the sudden, this angelic man in a green suit comes knocking on my window,” said the stranded driver, Zach Calilung, who is new to the neighborhood. He recently moved to the suburb of Philadelphia from Southern California, and it was his first time driving in the snow. Calilung said he was about to call a friend for assistance when McClain came and offered his help. Calilung said that when he first saw McClain’s outfit that he stared “in disbelief.”


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