In a bold move for cannabis acceptance, the City Council of Philadelphia is set to vote on a measure that would make it illegal for companies to pre-screen prospective employees for cannabis use. 

If this bill passes, it is expected to be backed by Mayor Jim Kenney, who has shown support of cannabis decriminalization. The bill advanced out of a Council committee this week, and if passed, would go into effect on January 1 of 2022.

The newly presented bill, which is sponsored by Councilman Derek Green, would exclude those applying to be police officers; anyone wanting to work in law enforcement; all positions requiring a commercial driver’s license; and jobs that involve working with children, folks with disabilities, or patients receiving medical care. It would also not apply to anyone with a federal job or contract.

It would also exclude any job “in which the employee could significantly impact the health or safety of other employees or members of the public,” which could end up expanding to include many lines of work. However, a move like this would definitely offer more protections than the city’s residents see currently. 

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