Last week the Pleasant Grove Police Department served a search warrant at a home on the western side of the city after reports of drug activity in the area. After entering the house, officers allegedly found what was considered to be a “dispensary” inside.

After receiving the reports of large amounts of foot traffic coming in and out of the home, the department began attempting to confirm that there were illegal drug transactions taking place. This was done through surveillance and traffic stops on vehicles leaving the home.

Captain Britt Smith called the operation an illegal dispensary as officers reportedly seized over 2 pounds of raw marijuana, nearly 300 THC vape cartridges, large amounts of THC wax, liquid THC, edible marijuana, and psilocybin mushrooms.

The total monetary value of the items seized is approximately $30,000, according to Smith. He added that the items are believed to have been purchased legally in a different state and then brought into Utah County.

“Judging from the amount, it’s pretty safe to say she had a fairly constant flow of traffic coming through there,” Smith said. “To the point that

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