It’s raining.

It’s going to keep raining.

The end.

However, if you want more detail, I can tell you this: Things will get ever so slightly better later Sunday and Monday. And when I say “better,” I’m speaking to the people who don’t like the rain. Because there are people who like it — even when it goes on … and on … and on … don’t ask me to explain.

But I digress. Back to those details: It’s going to rain pretty much everywhere all morning Sunday. At least that’s what the folks at the National Weather Service say: 100 percent chance of rain through the metro area until late morning, then it will just shower in the afternoon. Oh joy.

An east wind — aren’t those lovely and refreshing — could bring gusts up to 20 mph. Rain amounts will total up to about a half inch on the day. The high should reach a balmy 47 degrees.

Monday brings more showers and a slight wind, with temps warming up to 48. Then — have I mentioned this? — it’s going to rain all week, at least through Saturday, the weather service says. And temperatures will stay right in the same window, with lows in the low 40s and highs in the high 40s.

Back before the days of direct anger-venting online in the comments section, a woman we called “The Rain Lady” used to write nasty letters to the newsroom whenever we described rainy weather as “bad” weather. So, Rain Lady, I’m not going to do that, and this week’s for you. Enjoy.

— Andre Meunier


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