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Kyle Iboshi, KGW Staff
8:19 p.m. PST January 7, 2015

Finding Buckeyes in Ducks territory

Portland, Ore. — Oregon may be home to the Ducks but there are plenty of Ohio State fans living in the Northwest.

Ohio State University has 2,447 alumni living in Oregon. Currently, 46 students from Oregon are enrolled at the university, according to an OSU spokesperson.

“I might have a shirt on or something and immediately they say “O-H” and I say “I-O”, said Bob Norell of Portland, also known as “Buckeye Bob.”

Norell, whose younger brother attended Ohio State, is difficult to miss while driving around Portland. His renovated 1972 Winnebago RV is painted like a Buckeye football helmet.

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“It’s crazy, because people look and then I’m afraid they’re going to run into somebody else cause they are like, ‘What is this thing coming at me?” said Norell. “This looks like a tank.”

Norell and several buddies bought the RV seven years ago. Inside, it’s decked out in red and white with Ohio State logos plastered all over. Even the toilet seat is painted in Buckeye colors.

Norell’s “Buckeye Bus” is a like a pep rally on wheels, when the Ohio State fight song pumps from the stereo.

“I was just hoping he’d have some way to park it at his place someday,” said Norell’s mother, Blanche, with a laugh.

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