PORTLAND, MI. — The National Weather Service issued a SEVERE T’STORM WARNING for Ionia County about 2:40 this afternoon for the possibility of 60 mph winds, some hail, and perhaps a tornado. FOX 17 radar was showing some rotation in this cell and there were even indications that a funnel cloud may have been observed around Jordan Lake Road.

Ionia County dispatch is also reporting that a possible tornado may have touched down in the city of Portland in eastern Ionia County.

According to Ionia County Sheriff’s Department, three people were trapped in a Goodwill store following the possible tornado touch down.  Emergency crews were able to get them out and no injuries were reported.

We also have several reports of roof damage to houses in and around the Portland area. Below is an image from radar at the time.

You can see in velocity mode that the colors in green are moving toward the radar site in Grand Rapids. Colors in red indicate movement away from the radar site. The circled area is, in fact, showing some type rotation within the storm that actually intensified as it tracked further east in the city of Portland and eventually Clinton County.


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