AI Is Here; 3 ‘Strong Buy’ Stocks That Stand to Benefit

Hi tech is the cool kid of investment sectors, offering an unbeatable combination of cutting edge chic and long-term stock market returns. It’s understandable; our digital world has clearly passed a point of no return in the integration of tech with our daily lives. Tech companies, whether large or small, are clearly in a position to gain from this trend, offering the products and innovations that will facilitate and expand the growth of our high-tech footprint. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is at the forefront the tech wave. AI systems, which allow machines to learn from experience, adapt to change, and process more information faster than ever before, are powering the evolution of tech. New AI systems are making possible autonomous vehicles, personalizing sales and marketing, and speeding up the networked systems that hold the digital universe together. From an investor standpoint, the companies that are building and using AI systems now are in position for gains in the near future. AI is here, and it’s only going to expand its presence. With this in mind, we’ve opened up the TipRanks database to get the scoop on three “Strong

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