CANNABIS CULTURE – How many businesses use their earnings to fight the Drug War? And how many grow their cannabis in an old private prison?

“There are victims of the war on drugs, and they deserve a seat at the table,” says Casey Dalton, co-owner of Ocean Grown Extracts. Casey and her brother, Dan Dalton, have found a way to build social and criminal justice awareness into the foundation of their business.

Their company has a brand called Evidence that sells products in actual evidence bags to help make consumers aware and uncomfortable with the injustice of the War on Drugs. A portion of Evidence’s profits is donated to the nonprofit Last Prisoner Project (LPP).

“I think there are assumptions being made by customers and the public that because it’s now legal, they wouldn’t even think that there’s anyone sitting behind bars for a nonviolent cannabis offense,” Casey says.

“I believe it is our responsibility, if we’re choosing to operate in this space, then we need to take responsibility for what’s already happening,” says Casey when talking about businesses making profits from legal cannabis. “Whether we had a hand in it or we were the victim of it, I believe

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