A judge on Tuesday ordered a protester to keep at least 100 feet away from the federal immigration office in Southwest Portland after she allegedly spit at federal officers and tried to kick them.

Cole Holland Buford, 21, appeared in U.S. District Court on allegations of assaulting an officer as about two dozen supporters stood in the courtroom’s public gallery. An occupy group has been camped out near the building since June 17.

Buford denies the allegations, her court-appointed attorney Thomas Price told U.S. Magistrate Judge John V. Acosta.

According to a criminal complaint, officers from the Federal Protective Service responded Monday to the site of the protest and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building to find a protester who had ripped down caution tape put up to allow federal employees a safe entrance to the building. That’s when Buford spit at two officers, the complaint said.

“Buford approached FPS Inspector C.B. in the employee parking lot and began shouting, pointing and lunging at the inspector while appearing to be restrained by two other protesters,” Federal Protective Service special agent Micah Coring wrote in the complaint.

“Buford became increasingly agitated and spit in the direction of Inspector C.B. and an FPS Special Agent, neither of whom responded. Buford spit a second time, hitting Inspector C.B in the legs. FPS inspectors took Buford into custody. I used a government-issued video camera to record the incident. I have spoken with Inspector C.B. and learned that Buford attempted to pull away and kick the FPS inspectors while being placed in a marked police unit,” Coring wrote.

Two other people also were arrested at the ICE building Monday, authorities said. Officers used pepper spray and pepper balls at the site, authorities said.

The judge released Buford on her own recognizance. Buford asked that she be allowed to retrieve her bags from the protest camp outside the ICE building and her car, parked nearby.

Acosta said he’d allow Buford’s friends to bring her bags and belongings to her and for her to retrieve her car so she could return home to Tacoma.

In addition to ordering Buford to keep her distance from the ICE building, the judge also said Buford must take a urinalysis drug test before she leaves town.

Her case has been set over for at least 60 days.

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