LANCASTER, N.Y. — Recreational marijuana has been legal in New York for several months but there are still no places to legally buy it. That won’t happen until April at the earliest.

Cities, towns and villages have until the end of December to decide if they want to allow marijuana sales or on-site consumption. The town of Lancaster has decided to opt out, but one man is working to reverse that decision.

When Thomas Snider heard marijuana would be legalized in New York, he was excited to potentially get into the marijuana business.  

“I know so many people in my life that have benefited from cannabis use for medicine, for getting off of harder drugs and things like that,” said Snider. “If we can provide a service for people, our tentative name for a dispensary is the ‘Helpful Cafe.’ We’re here to help.”

The town of Lancaster’s board recently voted to opt out of adult-use cannabis retail dispensaries and on-site consumption licenses.  

“The reasons were, at least from what I heard, that it’s a safety issue,” Snider said. “What do we do now that people are gonna be using cannabis and driving.”

Snider owns Cloud Chasers, a vape shop in Depew, a

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