Payson’s Planning and Zoning Commission split on a proposal to update the town code so a recreational marijuana dispensary could operate in town.

In a 2-2 vote, the commission acknowledged the need for a dispensary now that the medical dispensary license had been moved to the Valley, but could not come to an agreement on a recreational dispensary in town.

The Payson Town Council will ultimately decide if they will update the town code to allow for a recreational dispensary. The council had a first hearing on the matter Thursday night.

For years, medical marijuana cardholders went to Untamed Herbs on Tonto Street for various products. Then several months ago the dispensary owner moved the license to the Valley where they could make more money given the larger population base.

Medical marijuana cardholders could still order products through the dispensary’s website and pick it up in Untamed Herbs’ parking lot, but the storefront had closed.

Then dispensary owner, Andrew Provencio, and his business partners successfully got a license to operate one of two recreational dispensaries in the county. Unlike medical licenses, which can be moved around the state, recreational permits cannot leave the county. The state structured these new licenses so rural areas like

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