CANNABIS CULTURE –  Short answer: nearly everyone, with more converts everyday.

Cannabis, now “legal” in many jurisdictions, is becoming an accepted therapeutic and recreational alternative. Senior citizens now represent the fastest growing demographic of cannabis user.

For many of those who’ve lived thought times of prohibition, the present days can feel like a fairy tale. Legalization news can surprise and shock even the most informed reader, and many of us have found ourselves facing our news outlet with an open mouth.

Although the panorama of legal cannabis changes everyday, years of prohibition have accustomed us to prevailing misconceptions that are far from what the current market data is showing, and this has particular impact in the way we perceive and conceive the average cannabis consumer.

Luckily, as well as opening up the game to a whole new spectrum of users, legalization also brings us the chance to get a clear understanding of exactly who these new players are, and help us get to know every trait of the ‘Modern-Day Pothead’.

The Birth of the ‘Traditional Pothead’

In spite of cannabis’ major role in shaping the way we think and perceive the world around us since immemorial times, prohibition policies that

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